In 2008 edition we have received 350 logs. Most of them were correct, but several were written with RTTY logging programs/converters which do not fully support  our VOLTA  Contest. Of course we had several problems to convert these Cabrillo files into VOLTA CABRILLO format.

We strongly suggest to use programs which support our VOLTA CONTEST. This will avoid any problem and will save us an extra work in conversion. We don’t like to apply procedures to disqualify the contestants. We want to try to convert/repair (as much as possible) any log we have  received. Unfortunately, sometime there are so many missing information that we cannot accept these logs and we have to load  them in the Data Base as CHECK LOGS. For the non supporting VOLTA software, we have kindly asked to the programmers to upgrade their software. Please, next year, check this page if your preferred software will be supporting VOLTA Contest. If you cannot export the file in “VOLTA CABRILLO format”, please export first your log in ADIF format and then convert it to VOLTA CABRILLO with a free converter program (SM6BSK is a good one!). Be sure you have imported your RST-NR-ZONE and same info received by your correspondent. Please see the following program’s list and read our comments. This listing will be updated when we’ll be informed about new releases


Our robot has done a very good job with automatic log’s check. We had the loading process running with no problems. Only once, on May 14th,  the computer stopped for the reason that some e-mail had Cyrillic/Katakana characters in the sender’s e-mail addresses.  Perhaps  we lost some log sent in the meanwhile. We apologies for that. We were not ready to read (and decrypt) e-mail addresses with those Cyrillic/Katakana  characters!! Now it has been fixed. Unfortunately some e-mail  didn’t work when we sent back our diagnostic message (Russian stn). We were not able to tell them if their logs were OK or not.  Please do not use “ghost” addresses.  

Unfortunately many users have applied several time the LOG in a wrong Cabrillo format; our robot have refused it. We recommend to check if your Cabrillo file layout is compatible with our Cabrillo for Volta. Each field must be placed in the correct position (column). The robot refuses any file with data in a wrong column. Winners of Single Operator All Bands  from North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania will receive a plaque. 

If you have any question or problem with your log please ask  me:

Thank you for your interest in our Contest.

Cantù, September 23rd 2008

I2DMI Frank - Contest manager

IK2LOL BOB - Web Master - Log Checker










date: October 30th 2007