The A.Volta contest is supported by some commercial and free programs

Visiting SM3CER site you can find SM6BSKís last update  that supports Volta Contest.
software with cabrillo output ok software that need any type of converter to make cabrillo
N1MM logger WriteLog by W5XD
RCKRtty by DL4RCK UcxLog - Freeware Log and Contest Program
OH2GI ham system AALog  by RZ4AG
radioteletype CTL by JK1IQK  
QARTest : in italian language   
MixW by UT2UZ  
  If you are a WF1Bís user, you can generate CABRILLO file with SM6BSKís program .
SWL Tested converters
SWL log for Volta by I5-1990 SM6BSK
If you know some other please send us an email